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Have you been in a Car Accident?

Salina Family Chiropractic Can Help!!

It is very important to get your spine examined by a Certified Doctor of Chiropractic immediately.  An impact even as slow 15 mph can cause whiplash, which could have damaging long term effects on your spine.  Spokane Salina Family Chiropractic works with most auto accident insurance companies.

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Can Chiropractic really help for auto accident injuries?

The auto accident that caused the whiplash may seem like nothing at the time, but the physical damage of the car accident becomes chronic resulting in future headaches, neck pain, back pain, low back pain, numbness or tingling and even fatigue.  Chiropractic techniques help to relieve effects of whiplash because they can:

  • Restore movement of muscles & joints after the auto accident
  • Speed up the recovery time
  • Build up muscle weakness
  • Increase flexibility and strength
  • Reduce Pain, inflammation, & muscle spasms
  • Reduce or remove chronic symptoms that can persist for years
  • Increase overall well being by relieving the injuries from the auto accident

Effective chiropractic treatments, such as ones provided by Salina Family Chiropractic Centre, have been successful for thousands of auto accident patients.  A Chiropractor can, reduce patients’ pain and allow them to return to their normal activities.

I’ve been in an auto accident, what do I do?

It is important to have a physical exam by a chiropractor immediately following any accident, even if the accident seemed minor. Severe injuries can result from even low-impact accidents. Many people do not notice symptoms of neck injury, back injury, head or shoulder injuries for days or weeks after an auto accident.

Minor spinal injuries usually go undetected by normal emergency medical examinations at hospitals or doctors offices. If untreated, these injuries can become permanent, causing degeneration of the spine and leading to a future life of constant pain, not even realizing it was caused by the auto accident.

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