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Improper digestion is marked by heartburn, intestinal gas, loss of taste for certain foods, and bathroom difficulties.  We can negatively influence the digestive process by eating more food than we can process at one time, eating certain foods in combination like sugars and proteins together, taking antacids which neutralize both proper and improper acids in the stomach, and avoiding foods that assist the digestive process such as naturally fermented foods and bitters.  As we age we also produce less and less digestive enzymes that chemically breakdown foods into nutrients, by age fifty, we may produce as little as fifteen percent of the enzymes we produce in our twenties.

 Loss of taste for meat  Lower bowel gas several hours after eating
 Burning stomach sensations, eating relieves  Coated tongue
 Pass large amounts of foul-smelling gas  Indigestion 1/2 – 1 hour after eating; maybe
 Mucous colitis or “irritable bowel”  Gas shortly after eating
 Stomach “bloating” after eating

Nutrition is essential to overall health! Feeding the body properly keeps our systems working well and working together. A deficiency within one system may cause an array of issues throughout the body.

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