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Our Recommendations

Congratulations! Dr. Salina has accepted your case and started with your initial adjustment. At this very important report, he will help you understand the solutions for correcting the cause of your health concerns.

Recommendations Of Care

During this portion of your report you will receive our best recommendations for your care. The recommendations will vary according to the severity of subluxations (misalignment of vertebrae) present, phase of degeneration, your age, current condition, and history of spinal impacts. Your care plan may also include specific spinal and extremity rehabilitation exercises to be performed at home as well as dietary recommendation to help support your recovery. Our goal is to help you reach optimal health through maximum stabilization of your spine. Once stabilization is attained, our goal is to show you how to maintain your spine at its best throughout your life.

Chiropractic for the Family

We are a family practice and we are honored to be chosen as your family Chiropractor. Since many spinal conditions can be hereditary or can result from taking part in similar activities together, it is important that family members of our patients be checked for vertebral subluxation (misalignment). Since many of these types of problems go undetected, an early exam will help us to have the best possible understanding of your and your family’s spinal health.

Many conditions from which adults suffer started when they were children. Chiropractic is for kids too! Early adjustments help children grow into healthy adults. Early correction prevents problems that spinal subluxations can cause if left undetected and uncorrected. Dr. Salina is a father himself, and he loves treating patients of all ages.


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