Salina Family Chiropractic - Spokane WA

Consultation and Exam

During your first visit to Salina Chiropractic, Dr. Salina will discover the cause of your health concerns through a detailed consultation and examination.

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Your First Chiropractic Visit Includes:

Health History

A health history will be completed at your first Chiropractic visit. Your health resume tells us about your current complaints and your history of injuries or illnesses.


We will review your health history and take a further history of spinal impacts, including auto accidents, work, recreational and sports injuries, along with the details of your current work and daily activities.

Clinical Examination

Your examination will include a center of gravity assessment, a thorough evaluation of posture and range of motion, and spinal palpation. These tests will help determine if subluxations (misalignments of your vertebrae) are affecting your health and function.

X-rays & Analysis

Dr. Salina’s examination requires x-rays with the exception of pregnant women and children. The x-rays reveal the degree of spinal misalignment, the phase of spinal degeneration, significant pathologies, and potential contraindications of care. In our clinic, careful analysis leads to precision measurements. These measurements, along with your clinical exam findings, enable us to provide you with individualized treatment and optimal adjustments. An adjustment is also performed during your first visit.

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