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Report of Findings

Welcome to Salina Family Chiropractic Report of Findings Page. We trust that you will find our Report of Findings Page useful in making your decision for Chiropractors in Spokane, WA.

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After your initial consultation and examination, you will meet with Dr. Salina and he will share his Report of Findings with you. This report will help you understand the problems that Dr. Salina discovered in your initial consultation and exam. After the Report of Findings, Dr. Salina will provide his best treatment recommendations.

We look forward to serving you! Call 509-467-2888

Your Second Chiropractic Visit Includes…

Explanation – Report of Findings

After carefully studying your health history and examination results Dr. Salina will provide you with a complete report of his findings. You will receive education about your spine and nervous system and the specific findings relative to center of gravity, posture, ranges of motion and other exam results. We want to provide you with a clear understanding of any problems that are present.

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