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Don’t Forget to Ask Your Doctor
by Dr. Joshua Salina

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Ask Your Doctor Spokane

Over the last decade it has become so common to hear advertisements on television, radio and in various other media encouraging you to “Ask your doctor if this drug is right for you.” and then very quickly reviewing all the potential “side affects” that the majority now find it almost comical. It fact, you can often see it being made fun of on various sitcoms and talk shows.

However, it’s not really a laughing matter as the pharmaceutical companies that design these flashy commercials showing women prancing through a prairie of flowers don’t usually bother to include all the facts about the thousands of people who have permanently paid their “cost of doing business” as a result of using their products.

Instead they prefer to “Hollywood” things up for you so that it sounds OK when they are describing people who have been seriously injured. Just think about the terms that they have popularized to help take the “ouch” out of the reality.

Remember when you hear these terms it is their effort to distract your attention from the resulting death toll:

  • Adverse reaction: An unintended reaction to a drug that is often detrimental to the recipient.
  • Side effect: An unwanted effect of a drug that is not part of the intended activity of the drug.
  • Drug interaction: The result of two or more drugs reacting with each other in ways that are unexpected and/or harmful.
  • Medical error: An inappropriate treatment, or the right treatment that was performed incorrectly.
  • Iatrogenic: A state of ill health or an adverse effect caused by a treatment, typically this does not relate to medical error but rather an undesired outcome of a successfully applied treatment.

We think these costs of doing business are way too high! On the other hand, chiropractic is so safe that no “warning label” or fine-print disclaimers are needed.

Chiropractic is so safe that even newborns and the elderly benefit.

Chiropractic is so safe that the only so-called “side effects” are positive effects on your overall health! We hear patients report: “I feel years younger” or “I had my best nights sleep in years” or “my golf swing has really improved” or “I have better focus and can think more clearly” just to name a few.

Now those are some “costs of doing business” that we think most people would be happy to live with!

To find out how you and your family can benefit from Chiropractic care give our office a call today.

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For Your Health,

Dr. Joshua Salina

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