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Flu, Tension and Stress
by Dr. Joshua Salina

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What Causes a Cold? Breathing in cold viruses does not in itself cause a cold. If you try to give someone a cold, for example, even if you infected them with a cold virus, there is no guarantee that they will get sick. And, if it’s the cold virus that is solely responsible, logic would suggest that we should all be sick all of the time because different viruses are in our environment virtually 24/7!

Experiments have incubated cold viruses, placed them directly on the mucous lining of the nose, and found that their subjects came down with colds only 12 percent of the time.

For germs to grow in you, you must be fertile soil – a compromised immune system and weak line of defense resulting from a stressed nervous system and a stressed-out individual

Every year throughout the world, it’s announced that the flu season is upon us. We get the usual barrage of information telling us that, in order to protect ourselves and to prevent lost time at work, we need to get the flu vaccination. But is this the most appropriate means of protecting ourselves and our families?

In an article in the Midwest Nurse Week (vol.3; no.2; April 2002) titled, “Nursing home residents get flu despite getting flu shot,” the ineffectiveness of vaccines as a preventative measure was illustrated.

It was reported that nearly all (98%) of the residents received flu vaccines before the outbreak there. No visitors were being allowed at the Nebraska nursing home, and all residents were taking anti-viral drugs and eating meals in their rooms in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus. This occurrence is a standard practice across the world (“I caught a cold…don’t come near me I don’t want to spread it….!?). Logic clearly doesn’t support these statements, but most of us keep using them.

When the body’s resistance is down, it is unable to mount an appropriate response to foreign invaders. Therefore, it is ‘sick’ people who succumb to diseases like the flu. They are also the people who are more likely to be damaged by the vaccines. The alternative to being sick is to be healthy. It sounds simple enough, but most people still don’t understand that concept. Have you ever noticed how some people get the flu for three of four days and it goes away, while others get it for three or four weeks and have all sorts of complications? The difference is in the health of the person, not the strength of the flu.

In healthy people, the flu will not cause serious complications. And, when you recover from it, your immune system can actually come out stronger because of the great ‘clean out’ it gives you. Lifetime wellness care does not guarantee that you will not get the flu, but it gives you the best chance possible of staying out of the sick bed.

There is no evidence that vaccinating children under age two reduces deaths or complications from the flu, researchers said February 25, 2005. They reviewed 25 studies that looked at the impact of vaccines in cutting the number of cases of influenza and its symptoms in children up to 16 years of age. Children under two are mandatorily vaccinated against the illness in the U.S. and Canada. “Immunization of the very young children is not lent support by our findings,” said Dr. Tom Jeffersen of the International Cochrane Collaboration (which evaluates all medical research). “We recorded no convincing evidence that the vaccines can reduce mortality, hospital admissions, serious complications and community transmission of influenza,” he told The Lancet medical journal.

So why bother with injecting toxic heavy metals, mercury, aluminium, thermoses and live animal viruses into your children if they have been proven to be ineffective? Doesn’t it make more sense to have your children adjusted for life so their bodies can take care of themselves? A lifetime of sickness requires a lifetime of sickness care (taking drugs, getting shots, staying subluxated). A lifetime of wellness requires a lifetime of wellness care. It’s just that simple.

The Medical Approach

Orthodox medicine offers no cure for the common cold. Taking antibiotics for a cold is completely worthless because colds are associated with viruses (while antibiotics only kill bacteria). Giving antibiotics “just in case” has been criticized in the medical literature as unnecessary and dangerous. The flu vaccine doesn’t make much sense either, so you are really better off taking trips to the medical doctors for things relating to accidents and emergencies (stitches, broken bones, loss of consciousness, etc.) and not the flu!

The Chiropractic Approach

Chiropractic does not treat the common cold. However, chiropractic care can help raise your natural resistance to disease by removing a serious interference to your proper body function. Vertebral subluxation can weaken the overall constitution of the body, making it a fertile ground for germs to settle and reproduce.

Remember, “Keeping your body free from vertebral subluxation keeps your natural immunity high, and could make the difference between a quick recovery and a lingering illness.”

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