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Low Back Pain Patients are More Satisfied With Their Chiropractor
by Dr. Joshua Salina

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Chiropractic patients continue to report that they are more satisfied with their low back care than medical low back patients.

Consider these recent low back pain findings:

Satisfied with care:

  • Chiropractic patients 96%
  • Medical Patients 84%

Treatment was helpful:

  • Chiropractic patients 99%
  • Medical Patients 80%

Likely to seek care from another provider:

  • Chiropractic patients 14%
  • Medical Patients 27%

So, why are so many more chiropractic patients satisfied with their care as compared to their medical counterpart? Well, many chiropractic opponents say that it is because chiropractic treatment involves physical contact (touching) the patient. Others suggest that we have more friendly staff members in our office. Although both of these are true (chiropractic care does involve physical contact and our staff is amazing) I don’t believe that this can account for the differences that are observed.

I would suggest that it has more to do with the fact that we are focused on finding the cause of a persons pain as compared to just masking the symptoms a patient is experiencing. Additionally, because we focus on working with the body and removing interferences from the bodies normal function. When you think about it carefully patient satisfaction with chiropractic care is more so a patients satisfaction with their bodies ability to heal itself.

As your chiropractor we don’t do the healing, that is your bodies job! Our job is to remove the interference and let your body get back to doing what it is already great at – healing itself. Fortunately, we are very good at finding that interference, which in my opinion is why so many patients are satisfied.

If you, a family member, friend or co-worker are currently suffering from low back pain, neck pain, or even headaches that you are ready to get resolved then today would be a great day to give our office a call.

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